7 Ideas for Sydney Bathroom Renovations

Sydney bathroom renovations” enjoys almost 3,000 searches in Google every single month. This is a strong indicator that the renovating a bathroom in Sydney is still a very popular option for homeowners in New South Wales’ most popular city!

But where do you start? With so many different styles to choose from, it can be overwhelming to choose the right one for you & your family.

In this article, we’ll look at some of the more common approaches to Sydney bathroom renovations so you can decide which one may be right for you.

Bathroom Renovation Idea #1: Integrate Technology

Why limit modern tech to rooms outside of the bathroom? With the amount of time we spend in this tiled space, it makes sense to incorporate a bit of bathroom technology too!

Future-focused bathrooms are seeing an increase in technology features including:

  • Automatic sinks
  • Toilet seat warmers
  • Built-in deodorising units
  • Automatic temperature adjustments (on timers)
  • High quality, integrated bluetooth speakers
  • Fog-proof televisions (great for streaming Netflix!)
  • Smart mirrors with voice interaction
  • Towel warmers (not new, but getting more fancy & efficient)
  • Smart lighting
  • Self-cleaning toilets (yes please!)
  • Smart taps (remember when you had to turn taps on by yourSELF… like a LOSER?)

Bathroom Renovation Idea #2: Minimalist Colours + Blacks

Bathroom renovations Sydney

Forget grandma’s peach tiles & green wallpaper, the primary modern bathroom design these days is to keep things SIMPLE. Black and white bathrooms – often associated with luxury – are all the rage for Sydney bathroom renovations these days.

White tiles offset by black taps, mirror frames and furniture are commonplace, and seen in an increasing number of award-winning Sydney bathroom designs.

A splash of colour here & there can help to provide contrast, but it should be used sparingly – to draw attention to one particular area or feature of the bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation Idea #3: Wood Features & Furniture

There’s something aesthetically pleasing about black & white bathrooms with wood accents or features. The wood finish can add an extra layer of warmth (in contrast to cold marble, stone or tile).

Wood can be used for the basin area, drawers, cupboards, inbuilt shelving and other areas to compliment the overall look & feel of the bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation Idea #4: Floating Vanities & Storage Spaces

Floating vanities & shelving provide a high class look to your bathroom

Floating vanities can add a real taste of class & style to any bathroom. Renovating an old traditional Sydney bathroom (from say, the 70’s or 80’s) with a floating vanity can instantly change the entire feel of the bathroom area, and instantly modernises the space!

This approach provides you with additional floor space, makes the room look less cluttered, and provides the opportunity to maximise your storage options – regardless of the bathroom size.

Bathroom Renovation Idea #5: Lots of Natural Light

Even with smart lighting technology, there’s no replacement for natural sunlight. The warmth and natural glow in your bathroom is both practical and beautiful – it helps with the application of makeup. It reduces your electricity bill. And it just feels… comfortable.

Whether you install a skylight or large windows (assuming privacy is not a concern), you can’t go wrong with increasing the amount of natural light in your new bathroom.

Bathroom Renovation Idea #6: Storage For Days

As mentioned earlier, floating cupboards units can help to significantly increase the amount of storage within your bathroom. Handy for towels, washers, cleaning products, spare toilet paper, personal hygiene items, bathrobes and more.

By ensuring your bathroom renovation design has sufficient storage will help you & your family (and guests) to avoid the “walk of shame” from the bathroom to (say) a linen closet down the hall, just to grab a spare towel.

Don’t overlook the benefit of recessed shelving, either – perfect for storing shampoo, body wash and other personal care products “in the wall”. Besides saving space, recessed shelving also reduces accidents (caused by hitting oneself on a protruding shelf) and maximises the amount of space available for you to sing your favourite Taylor Swift song at maximum volume 🙂

Bathroom Renovation Idea #7: Brass Features

Looking for that extra level of luxury? Nothing says “classy” quite as clearly as brass finishes. These can include hand rails, towel rails, industrial shelving, light fittings, tap fittings, mirror frames and more.

A simple addition of bronze can really lift the overall feel of a bathroom, so it’s worth exploring the ways you can take advantage of its versatility.

Stay tuned for more bathroom renovation ideas!

The world of renovations is ever changing, and we plan to write more articles like this in future. So stay tuned, and good luck with your own Sydney bathroom renovation project.